Vehicle Use


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Rental Rates

For FY21/22 the cost of a one billing day rental will be:


$45- Sedans & Hybrids

$45- BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles — promotional)

$65- Minivans

$70- SUVs (Four-Wheel Drive/4WD)


These rates are still below the rates charged by outside vendors.


As before, a half-day rental can be reserved for 60% of the daily rate. Vehicles rented as a one-day rental and driven 200+ miles will be charged a two day minimum charge. For example, if a vehicle is picked up late Monday, and returned early Wednesday, and has traveled 200+ miles, it will be a two day charge or, if  a vehicle is picked up late on Friday and returned Monday morning, and has traveled 200+ miles, it too, will be charged a two day charge. Please remember, that the State Motor Pool includes all fuel, comprehensive insurance coverage, and does not operate on a 24 hour clock as outside rental firms do. Additionally, the State Motor Pool does not charge for late day pick up or early-day returns, and provides a secure parking location for the customer’s personal vehicle whenever possible.

We have experienced an increased use of the Motor Pool and wish to thank you for your patronage. Please let us know how we may further assist you in your travel needs.    

OFFICE HOURS: The Motor Pool office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. Vehicles can be pick up from the KIOSK 24/7. The KIOSK is located in the alley next to motor pool lot.

SEAT BELT USE: State of Colorado law requires the use of passenger restraints in all vehicles in which they are provided. Vehicles are also equipped with passenger, driver, and side air bags, but these are NOT substitutes for lap and shoulder belts. Be SAFE … BUCKLE UP!

SMOKING IN VEHICLES: Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in State vehicles.